Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow, Snow and More Snow

It seems like it has been snowing on and off for a week, but the night before last we got over a foot of snow. Today a neighbor boy came over and cleared out our driveway with his snow blower, so we can get out if we need too. He even brought the mail to the front door! Anyway, I have a few more LOs to show you.

Loving You
Credits: Hung Up on Love by Sweet Made

Too Cute
Credits: Hung Up on Love by Sweet Made

Joe & Diego
Credits: Mi Cottage by mISTYBELLE

Because You Love Me
Credits: January Megakit Sugar and Spice from Stone Accents Studio

Credits: Sunflower Seeds by Teri Hanson

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Elaine said...

Awesome layouts, your the best!