Sunday, December 16, 2007


They predicted a big snow storm for this weekend, but, well, yeah, it's always going to snow somewhere but we always seem to get a few pretty flakes that stick and then melt and it's over. But not this time! It started Saturday morning and snowed all day. By bedtime, it had stopped and we had about 6 inches. Then it rained a little and then started snowing again. By the time we got up, it was still coming down hard. You could see where the road had been plowed at some point, but the snow was deep in the street and it was hard to see where the driveways were. We got up and went to church anyway, and there were a few brave souls there. It was easy to get a table at our favorite restaurant for brunch with the only other couple in our group who made it to church. They said it would continue to snow all day, but we called the neighbor kids to come over with their snowblower so we could get the worst of it off. By the time they got here at 2, it had stopped, and now the sun is shining. I took some pictures so maybe if I can get the few Christmas cards I send finished, I will scrap them later today. In the meantime, here is one I did with the gorgeous new, soon-to-be-released December Megakit from Stone Accents Studio.


june said...

Wonderful L/O!

nicecrane said...

Thanks a million for your comments in my blog,,, and specials thnaks to Mabelle, i have just upload a awesome free glitter style ,,, feel free to download ig you like,,,, and of course i love this LO,,, love the funny and gorgeus pict and the purple paper,,,,,

A verHappy New Year