Friday, December 9, 2016

Another Quickpage Freebie

Oh my gosh.  I finally got my internet back online.  Comcast is the WORST!  It has been down all week!   I spent three whole days on the phone with people from who knows where, who were working out of their homes (I asked) with screaming kids and/or screaming adults in the background.  I couldn't hear them at all.  Then they basically follow the steps in a manual (reset the modem - is it working now?).  I won't go into it all because it is Christmas time and I will think unkindly thoughts (again) but thank goodness it is finally fixed.  The nicest young technician came to our house and it took him 10 minutes to swap out the modem/router and set up the network again.  Hallelujah!    Anyway, here is another freebie for you.  ENJOY!.

Download from Mediafire  HERE


Unknown said...

That green paper is awesome it looks like it has been embroidered. That adds a special touch to the look of the page. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Marie. H.

R said...

Thank you :)