Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm in one of those moods.. clean. So I tackled the big file cabinet in the office. So much junk was just stuffed in there when we moved in, and it was time to clean it out. My hubby says the shredder is overheating, but I am almost done. I just need to go through all the warranties and computer stuff... and make some file folder labels (I am a neat freak) and I will be done. Then I can get back to scrapping without feeling guilty. Here is another LO I did with Lisa West's Adelaide kit.


Ky said...

that is soo funny!! Your husband is awesome! :) looks like a neat place!!

My Paper World said...

Your layouts are so cool! Some of them look like they have real embellishments on them! You are so clever, I dont really understand about digital scrapping, I can only just get my head around basics! I think your projects are fab,and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

sher said...

hey patchas!
I would be thrilled for you to work with some of my stuff! (Thanks for the kind comments on my blog! )
I am in some dire need of some CT-help as almost all of my CT are currently unable for one reason or another... just browse my store and let me know which kit you would like to start with :-) and i will have a coupon made up for ya. :-)

sher said...

lol.. btw.. this is SKrapper Digitals
... :-)
PM me at SAS when you decide what you want :-)